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We strive to improve Korea’s transportation issues with technologies centered on creativity and state of the art technology system while providing customized transportation planning service based on years of experience and outstanding resources. Major areas of business include basic planning and establishment of transportation such as roads, which is a key industry of Korea, social overhead capital (SOC) feasibility assessment (traffic demand forecasting and economic feasibility analysis), research concerning new transportation method introduction, traffic system management (TSM), traffic impact analysis and improvements.

  • Business Areas
Pre-feasibility survey, basic design and detailed design for roads
Establish efficient traffic management methods based on pre-feasibility survey of economic and policy feasibility, traffic condition survey and analysis during projects (basic and detailed design), and future traffic demand forecasting for public investment projects such as SOC projects which require large scale funding.
Establish Urban Traffic Improvement Master Plan
Plans established every 20 years with the purpose of contributing to enhanced transportation and convenience of urban traffic by efficiently managing and operating means of transportation and transportation systems while promoting transportation facility improvement of areas qualifying for urban traffic improvement based on the「Urban Traffic Improvement Promotion Act」.
Traffic System Management (TSM) and Traffic Improvement Project (TIP)
As the supply of traffic systems requiring high expenses such as road expansion in areas with severe traffic congestion have reached its limit, this short term and low fund requiring project introduces a traffic-engineering management method maximizing the efficiency of the existing traffic system to improve the quality of traffic and safety.
Traffic Volume Analysis of SOC
Detailed alternative traffic demand and risk analysis for private sector investment feasibility and validity concerning privately financing the construction and operation of infrastructures such as road, railroads and ports, which have been constructed and operated with government funding.
Review of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) and New Transportations
Plans state of the art traffic system by providing traffic information and services through integration of state of the art technologies to transportations and traffic facilities such as electric control and communication systems, and utilizes it to automate the operation and manage the traffic system and improve efficiency and safety of traffic.
Review of Traffic Impact Analysis, Improvement Measures and Traffic Feasibility
Establish improvement plans regarding streets, intersections, public transportation, pedestrians, traffic safety and parking to analyze and prevent traffic system congestion and problems subsequent to the implementation of large scale traffic induction projects ensuing 「Urban Traffic Improvement Promotion Act」, such as urban development project and individual facility construction.
General Road Traffic Safety Evaluation
Implement assessment report drafting and post-followup and evaluation of assessment results after registering roads under general road traffic safety assessment based on relevant regulations in compliance with the 「Traffic Safety Act」 for traffic facility construction and management.
  • Achievement
  • Traffic Impact Analysis and Improvement
    Dang gogae-Jinjeop double track railway traffic impact analysis and improvement plan
    Incheon Seochang (2) Bogeumjari housing site traffic impact analysis and improvement plan
    Daejangan district traffic impact analysis and improvement plan
    General Planning
    Mid-long term highway network construction plan establishment and traffic issue response
    Siheung-si urban traffic improvement master plan and intermediate range plan
    Uijeongbu public transportation plan and traffic safety master plan
    KTX mid-long term transportation demand forecast research and etc.
    Feasibility Review
    Local national highway (No. 24-1) preliminary feasibility assessment
    Honam expressway Gwangju metropolitan city section expansion feasibility assessment
    Express road installation feasibility survey
    Daedeok exclusive zone east size access road feasibility survey and etc.
    Honam expressway Gwangju metropolitan city section expansion feasibility assessment
    Jukjang Hapdeok-ri access map traffic safety assessment
    Gwangju Docheok-Silchon road construction traffic safety assessment
    Daesong urban planning road traffic safety assessment
    Maehyang-Hwasan section local road traffic safety assessment and etc.
    SOC Traffic Analysis
    Bibong-Maesong section expressway SOC traffic demand survey
    Busan-Changwon SOC traffic demand survey
    No.2 Beltway (Incheon-Gimpo) SOC traffic demand survey and etc.
    Sanseong tunnel SOC traffic demand survey
    Pyeongtaek-Siheung expressway SOC traffic demand survey