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Ports connect the ocean and land allowing communication and are areas for meeting and socializing. Exceeding the simple load and unload, storage and transportation function, ports must improve and become the point of distribution while being environmentally friendly and convert into the center of added value creation. Hanmac Engineering endeavors to create such multi-purpose ports through endless efforts based on experts with outstanding skills and various technologies.

  • Business Areas
New Port Development
Development plan establishment and design of domestic and international new port construction for streamlined transportation of export/import cargos
Existing Port Improvement Project, and Repair and Reinforcement
Facility functionality, safety maintenance and remodeling business concerning existing ports
Port Development Business Feasibility Survey and Basic Design
Feasibility survey and design of various ocean facilities being constructed on the ocean (breakwaters, dolpines, marina facilities and etc.)
Marina Port Development
Development of marina port comprised of various marine leisure facilities which will become the base for future ocean industry
Man-made Island (New Ocean Cities) Development
Acquire urban redevelopment sites, environment friendly development plans
Port Facilities Design Supervision and Technical Review
Propriety review of design plans, technical consultation concerning design supervision contracting
  • Achievement
  • Counter Facilities
    Saemangeum new port breakwater (1-2) construction basic and detailed design
    Gungpyeong port breakwater extension construction detailed design
    Daepo port development project detailed design
    Docking Facilities
    Gwangyang port raw material pier #6 berth, #7 berth detailed design
    Incheon North port 50,000 ton grade wood and accessories dock superstructure detailed design
    Daeheuksando port lighters wharf change design
    Man-made Islands
    Floating island construction and operation project basic and detailed design
    Vietnam cold rolling mill specific dock design supervision
    Vanino, Russia port construction concept design