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Construction Project Management


Exceptional services in design evaluation, final construction plan determination, construction method, quality control and project fund budgeting are provided by talented engineers in the construction management field with outstanding management skills with safety as top priority in order to materialize customer satisfaction.

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Counter Facilities
Road Construction Project Management
Port Construction Project Management
Railway Construction Project Management
Architecture, Electrical, Communication and Landscape Construction Project Management
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  • Overall Supervision Services
    West Suwon-Osan-Pyeongtaek section expressway SOC
    3rd Gyeongin (Siheung-Namdong) expressway
    Expressway No.30 Sangju-Youngdeok section construction
    Pyeongchang-Jeongsun 3 road construction
    Youngin-Paengseong road construction
    Gumi-si national highway bypass road (Gupo-Saenggok 1) construction
    Gwangyang port 3 phased dredged soil ground temporary dike construction
    Gwangyang raw material dock #6 berth construction
    Pyeongtaek-Si-heung expressway SOC
    Guri-Pocheon expressway SOC
    Seosan-si national highway bypass road (Eumam-Seongyeon) construction
    Jaman-Onsan 1 national highway construction
    Gwangyang-si national highway bypass road (Junggun-Jinjeong) construction
    Jeju outport phase 1 and 2, Port facilities construction
    Busan new port private dock construction
    Pohang Youngilman port, fishing port breakwater construction
    Construction Supervision Services
    Jeongju-Gwangyang section expressway construction
    Hwayang-Jeokgeum 1 road construction