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Safety Assessment


Hanmac Engineering manages a wide variety of businesses such as performing regular safety inspection of large scale construction in compliance with section 100-1 of the Construction and Technology Promotion Enforcement Ordinance in order to promote constructions outstanding qualities, and performing detailed safety assessments of facilities in compliance with Section 6 and 7 of the Special Act on the Safety Control of Public Structures to prevent disasters and catastrophes while enhancing the proficiency of the facility and securing public safety.

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Regular Safety Inspection of Type 1 and 2 Facilities within Construction Site (Tunnel, Bridge, Port and Repair Facilities)
Hanmac Engineering performs regular safety inspection of structures undergoing construction. The inspection consists of on-site assessment through visual inspection and non-destructive testing equipment (during structure construction) to evaluate the surrounding safety measures of the construction site such as the quality of construction, adequacy of construction status, temporary structure and construction method safety for safe construction of target structure, and stability of nearing structures. If issues are raised during inspection, preventative measures are taken to secure the safety of the construction. Moreover, the information is used as required document for future maintenance.
Initial Inspection of Type 1 and 2 Facilities performed prior to Construction
The initial inspection is the recorded inspection on the structure management register which is implemented in compliance with the Construction and Technology Promotion Act. The purpose of the initial inspection is to obtain initial measurements and values, as well as base data for safety and structure maintenance post construction. Moreover, inspection and observation of overall materials of the structure is performed to identify potential defects and issues in the form of condition evaluation items and priority maintenance items. Such evaluations provide quantitative data concerning the structure's safety and may be used as significant data in determining the load capacity of the structure.
Detailed Safety Inspection and Assessment of Constructed Type 1 and 2 Facilities, Revetment, Slope Stability
Detailed inspection is utilized to accurately identify the current condition of the structure and to compare changes in condition compared to previously recorded data. The detailed inspection is comprised of thorough visual inspection and simple measurements taken via test equipment to obtain necessary measurements and perform required tests to verify whether the current condition satisfies the current use requirements of the structure. Detailed safety assessment is performed to identify defects which are difficult to detect via detailed inspection. It is comprised of thorough visual inspection, measurements taken via test equipment to obtain necessary measurements and testings to obtain data necessary for the condition evaluation and safety evaluation.
Facilities Maintenance, Repair and Reinforcement
Facility maintenance generally consists of inspection, as well as repair, improving, and reinforcement constructions post construction to maintain the functionality of the facilities, such as bridges, tunnels, overpasses, structures, dams, ports and railways.
  • Achievement
  • Regular Safety Inspection
    Goyang-si bypass road (Todang-Wondang) construction
    Samcheok-Donghae expressway (Lot No.4) road construction
    Yongma tunnel SOC construction
    Bukhangdaegyo-Dongmyeong intersection underpass construction (Lot No.2)
    Ulsan-Pohang double track railway (Lot No.2)
    Dongbu expressway expansion project
    Initial Inspection
    Jeongju-Gwangyang section expressway construction (Lot No.13)
    Pohang Youngil port general dock (Phase 1-1) construction
    Mokpo-Gwangyang section expressway construction (Lot No.6)
    Suwon station bypass-Hoemaesil IC section road construction
    Chungju (Cheongmicheon) river environment maintenance project
    Jeolla line railway subbase Lot No.1
    Detailed Inspection
    Dangha No.1 and 2 floodgate detailed inspection service
    Namhang Youngjin dock detailed inspection service
    Hangjang IC bridge and 17 other facilities detailed inspection service
    Bakdal, Seoksu sewage treatment facility detailed inspection service
    National expressway No.1 Baekyeongyo and 11 other bridges detailed inspection service
    Gyeongbu expressway Shintanjin bridge and 27 other structures detailed inspection service
    Detailed Safety Assessment
    2013. 15 facilities including Waegwan Nakdong River bridge detailed safety assessment service
    facilities including Yanggeun grand bridge detailed safety assessment service
    2014. Mungyeonsaejae tunnel and 17 additional facilities detailed safety assessment service
    Guryong tunnel and 1 additional facility detailed safety assessment service
    Yuhyeon reservoir detailed safety assessment service
    Manjang cave safety assessment
    Facility Maintenance
    Anyang technical high school electrical computer room rearrangement construction
    2 bridges including Ogeumgyo bridge deck replacement construction
    Dongbu power plant office construction and other constructions
    Seongnam fire station (principal office) government office building exterior remodeling construction