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Hanmac Engineering actively participates in expressway, national highway and local road, SOC, turnkey and alternative design projects by providing high quality road design and consulting. In addition, Hanmac Engineering is responsible for key parts in SOC, which is a core business area of the Ministry of Roads, by providing efficient and competitive R&D and balanced construction of national territory based on acquired technologies and years of know-how. Hanmac Engineering also implements the safest, most economical and environment friendly road construction and SOC projects with talented resources who have both, vast amount of experience and professional knowledge.

  • Business Areas
Social Overhead Capital (SOC) projects
Traditionally SOC projects refers to the construction and management of infrastructures which are traditionally responsibly by the government, such as roads, railways, schools and sewerage system, through private funds. The Social Overhead Capital Facilities for Private Capital Inducement Promotion Act was enacted in 1994 to supplement insufficient finances through private funding and utilize the creativity and efficiency of private parties. The SOC projects were implemented the following year in 1995. Large scale SOC facilities, as well as infrastructure required for the public, such as older elementary and middle schools, military quarters, sewage system, are all supplied through SOC.
Road construction pre-feasibility survey, basic design and detailed design
Pre-feasibility survey refers to the policy which requires detailed pre-assessment of new large-scale public and private infrastructure investments, with a purpose to identify policy related significance and economic feasibility, as well as suggesting efficient and realistic direction for implementation of the project. It prevents impractical implementation of low demand or low economic feasibility projects, uncertainty of finance management subsequent to unexpected project expense increase and frequent project plan change, and project cancellation during implementation. The pre-feasibility survey is conducted to eliminate issues rising from finance management even when economical and technical feasibilities have been established in large scale investment projects. Basic design is based on the results of the feasibility survey and notes the basic contents on the design document, such preliminary items, plan and policy (primary design standards, structure selection, cross section determination and etc.), construction method outline, process plan, construction expenses and etc. The basic design blueprint is drafted using a topographic map which has been scaled to 1/5,000 – 1/1,200. Basic design also contains soil survey, necessary section measurements, linear design, and the overview of technical review by tasks.
Detailed design of road construction (Expressway, national highway, local roads, cities and towns, urban planning roads and etc.)
Detailed design specifies the basic design and is the process where detailed design items required for the actual construction is noted in the blueprint, and is part of the project implementation phase. Detailed design uses a topographic map scaled to 1/1,200, and is detailed out based on the measurement results subsequent to the review process of the map. Detailed design contains details based on the suggested standards of the basic design, and includes detailed soil survey and measurements, detailed linear designs, sewers and structures such as bridges and details, paving design, and auxiliary facilities such as offices and rest stops.
Turnkey and alternative design
Turnkey bidding system is a type of construction contract method and is also known as a turnkey contract. It refers to activating all facilities with a turn of a single key, and is where the contracted construction company is responsible for the design, material supply, and construction. In other words, it is a bidding system where a construction design, including blueprints and designs required for other constructions are submitted alongside the bid in accordance with the basic plan and policies of bidding suggested by the government. This encourages design and technical capabilities of the contractor, while promoting improved quality of the construction through design competition. This policy reduces bidding period required to select the contractor by integrating the design service and construction bidding.
Alternative contents
Alternative bidding system refers to bidding with an expense lower than the original suggestion using designs implementing new technologies, engineering and duration reducing functions and effects which are equivalent or better than the original bill without altering the basic procedure regarding the basic or implementation design suggested by the ordering agency. It is similar to the turnkey bidding system utilizing the private organization’s technology.
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  • Social Overhead Capital Projects
    Pyeongtaek east side detour expressway
    Guri – Pocheon expressway
    Incheon - Gimpo expressway
    Changwon - Busan expressway
    West Suwon – Osan – Pyeongtaek expressway
    Mohavi driving test site road design
    Palyong tunnel expressway
    Pyeongtaek – Siheung expressway
    3rd Gyeongin expressway
    Paju – Pocheon expressway study (Lot No.3)
    Saemangeum - Jeonju expressway study (Lot No.4)
    Pohang - Youngdeok expressway study (Lot No.4)
    Gwangju expressway study (Lot No.2)
    Sungseo – Jicheon expressway study (Lot No.3)
    Hamyang – Ulsan expressway study (Lot No.7, 30)
    Seochang – Jangsu expressway study
    National Highways
    Onam – Sudong highway study (Lot No.2)
    Wolseong – Daegok highway study
    Gangjin – Maryang highway study
    Andong – Youngdeok highway study
    Youngnam distribution center access highway study
    Taein – Sannae highway study
    Chupo – Amtae highway study
    Samjang – Sancheong highway study
    Gunbuk – Gaya highway study
    Samga – Daechon highway study
    Turnkey & Alternate Designs
    Hwado – Yangpyeong expressway (Lot No.2)
    Donggang bridge detailed design
    Gwanggyo new city ecological corridor detailed design
    2nd Yeon pedestrian overpass connection road (Lot No. 1, 4)
    Overseas Projects
    Cambodia beltway feasibility survey
    Mohavi driving test site road design
    Ghana Oforikrom IC change design