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Hanmac Engineering provides optimal bridge design and promotes reasonable structure design for major national highway projects, and integrates innovative structural engineering into traditional design methods to continuously advance and expand. Hanmac Engineering also provides structural planning, design, interpretation and safety assessments satisfying special requirements necessary for various industries.

  • Business Areas
Social Overhead Capital Projects
기능성 및 유지관리성이 우수한 구조물 설계
Basic and Detailed Design of Expressway, National Highway and Local road
Economical and safe bridge design
Technology Suggestive Bidding, Turnkey and Alternative Design
Innovative technology type, specialized structure design
  • Achievement
  • Social Overhead Capital Projects
    West Suwon – Osan – Pyeongtaek expressway study (86 bridge routes)
    Pyeongtaek – Siheung expressway study (91 bridge routes)
    Guri – Pocheon expressway study (95 bridge routes)
    3rd Gyeongin expressway study (38 bridge routes)
    Incheon – Gimpo expressway study (46 bridge routes + 1 underpass)
    Bongdam – Songsangak expressway study (36 bridge routes)
    Technology Suggestive Bidding, Turnkey and Alternative Design
    Expressway Route 14 Milyang – Ulsan section construction (Lot No.1) study, Nodular girder bridge in part of technical suggestions
    Gwanggyo new city green belt axis connection Nok bridge installation (T/K) Truss bridge
    New Incheon port access road and dike construction (Lot No.2) study (T/K): Steel composite cable stayed bridge
    Donggang grand bridge construction (T/K): Concrete cable stayed bridge
    Special Bridge Design
    Hamyang – Ulsan section expressway study: PSC Box girder bridge (FCM)
    2nd outer beltway (Incheon – Gimpo) Gyeongin Ara waterway change design: PSC Box girder bridge (FCM)
    Seochang – Jangsu expressway basic study: Steel composite cable stayed bridge
    Dangjin – Cheonan expressway basic study: PSC Box girder bridge (ILM, FCM, FSM)