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Ground Tunnel


Hanmac Engineering plays a leading role in the tunnel and geotechnical fields with various experience and acquired knowledge. Hanmac Engineering continuously advances the tunnel design technology and develops innovative engineering technology in geological survey and weak foundation improvement to provide the best services and competitiveness to clients.

  • Business Areas
Soil Survey and Weak Foundation Improvement Design
Various soil survey/testing and analysis for civil engineering design
Tunnel and Underground Structure Design
Mountain and large offset tunnel planning establishment and safety assessment
Structure Foundation Design
Foundation and safety analysis of various structures
Slope Design
Soil/bedrock slope safety and reinforcement construction method
Weak Foundation Design
Weak foundation improvement and sinking safety design
Sheathing Temporary Facility Design
Temporary underground stations and roadway safety assessment
Technology enhancement through new technology and construction method development and application
  • Achievement
  • Tunnel and Underground Structures
    Sapaesan Tunnel L=4.0km (Seoul Ring Expressway)
    Geumsung Tunnel L=4.4km (Chungju-Jaecheon Expressway)
    Palyong Tunnel L=2.7km (Palyong Tunnel Expressway)
    Jusaeng Tunnel L=1.6km (88 Olympic Expressway)
    Incheon Tunnel L=5.5km (Incheon-Gimpo Expressway)
    Sancheong Tunnel L=3.0km (Samjang-Sancheong Expressway)
    Weak Foundation Improvement
    Weak Foundation L=1.5km, PBD +VCCP공법 Method (Changwon-Busan Expressway)
    Weak Foundation L=18.0km, PBD +SCP공법Method (Pyeongtaek-Siheung Expressway)
    Weak Foundation L=8.3km, PBD +VCCP공법Method (Incheon-Gimpo Expressway)
    Structural Foundation and Slope Areas
    Bridge L=1.0km, Single cast-in-place concrete pile Ø=3,000mm (Chupo – Amtae road construction)
    Bridge L=3.7km, Single cast-in-place concrete pile Ø=2,700mm (Pyeongtaek-Siheung expressway)
    14 Bridges , 32 slope areas (Paju-Pocheon expressway Lot No.3)
    8 Bridges, 80 slope areas (Hamyang – Ulsan expressway Lot No.30)
    Bridge L=3.1km, Single cast-in-place concrete pile Ø=2,700mm (Incheon-Gimpo expressway)
    5 Bridges, 10 slope areas (Gangjin-Maryang road construction)
    16 Bridges, 85 slope areas (Pohang-Youngdeok expressway Lot No.4)
    41 Bridges, 142 slope areas (Guri-Pocheon expressway)
    Temporary Sheathing Facilities
    Temporary facility L=0.7km, 1 underground roadway (Gwanho five-way intersection improvement construction)
    Temporary facility L=1.5km, 1 underground roadway (Incheon-Gimpo expressway)
    Temporary facility L=0.2km, 2 stations, 3 ventilating openings (Gimpo urban railroad Lot No. 5 T/K)