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As preserving nature by social and cultural means is being emphasized as an important factor enhancing quality of life, Hanmac Engineering has been providing comfortable rest areas integrated with nature through landscape design which have been carefully selected with considerations to the local cultural characteristics in urban parks, nature parks, tourist destinations and plant landscaping and ecological streams.

  • Business Areas
Park and Green Basic Planning
Basic 10 year unit plan suggesting the expansion, management and use direction of park greens regarding urban areas of jurisdiction
Park Development Plan
Establish space allocation plan, detailed facility construction plan and financing method regarding urban parks (Neighborhood Park, Children’s Park and etc.) determined as urban planning facility
Basic Landscape and Detailed Design
Drafting and licensing task of design blueprint specifying the plan based on basic planning for actual construction of park, greens, plazas and sports facilities
Tourist Facility Planning and Design
Feasibility survey and development plan establishment and design task of tourist facilities, such as tourist complex, golf course, amusement parks and resorts
Other Areas
Landscape planning and design for ecological regeneration project/ecological park construction/roads and streams
  • Achievement
  • Expressway Route 12 South Jangsu – Hamyang landscape construction
    Suwon urban regeneration exhibition implementation design
    Songsan-ri Gumchi waterfront eco park basic and detailed design
    Namyangju agricultural reservoir use method feasibility survey and basic design
    Suwon Paldal-gu Hyanggyo-ro theme street construction
    Seongnam Gamalchi hill wildlife passage installation plan
    Seoul outer beltway lower area use development plan
    Yeoncheon-gun jurisdiction urban park construction plan establishment
    Pyeongrim dam surrounding eco-friendly park construction
    Bosan-dong special tourist zone scenic plaza opening construction implementation and design
    Global miniature castle park construction development feasibility survey and design
    Sincheon green park construction basic and detailed plan
    Gangcheon sports park construction business detailed design
    Korea Rural Community Corporation Jinju Sancheong, Boseong, Gumi office landscape design
    Maengsan ecological green park construction detailed design
    Gwangju metropolitan city green street park construction basic and detailed design
    Seongnam Gamalchi hill wildlife passage installation plan
    Woori Land landscape detailed design
    Wolsan neighborhood park basic plan change and sports park construction basic and detailed design
    Naju-si Bannam burial ground historic park construction plan
    Daejeon Noeun district housing site development landscape design