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Water Resources


Hanmac Engineering participates in water resource planning, design and construction supervision areas by means of water resource development and comprehensive flood control safety methods, and promotes continuous national and local development for natural disaster prevention and efficient water use.

  • Business Areas
River Environment Maintenance Basic and Detailed Design
Business providing eco-friendly and beautiful landscape for people while acquiring flood safety with considerations to the dynamic relationship of the natural river.
River Ecosystem Restoration Business
Business with the purpose of preserving the clean natural environment through harmonious river function, maintaining channel flow for maintenance, preventing stream depletion and creation of ecological streams.
River Improvement Detailed Design
Comprehensive assessment of the rivers using technical details considering flood prevention function with concerns to community safety against localized downpour to protect lives and assets.
River Master Plan
Providing necessary guidelines for comprehensive improvement and use, and nature friendly river maintenance through survey and analysis of overall items concerning river planning and environment in compliance with Sections 24 and 25 of the River Act.
Small River Maintenance Comprehensive Plan
Providing guidelines establishing the basic direction for future small river improvement and establishment of comprehensive plan regarding small rivers in compliance with Section 6-1 of the Small River Maintenance Act.
Pre-disaster Impact Assessment
Forecast and analyze disaster inducing factors subsequent to administrative planning and development projects to prevent disasters by establishing appropriate reduction measures in compliance with Sections 4 and 6 of the Countermeasures against Natural Disasters Act.
Multi-dimensional Hydraulic and Hydrological Quantity Assessment
Perform water quantity assessment, and 1 and 2 dimensional hydraulic analysis regarding structures affecting the flow of water regarding target basins.
  • Achievement
  • River Environment Maintenance Basic and Detailed Design
    Samsunggyo-Baeknyeongyo-Gokbanjeonggyo section river environment improvement business: detailed design
    Anyang stream super embankment and greenbelt development project: basic planning
    Chatan creek +1 additional river: Hometown river maintenance project: implementation design
    Hongchoncheon natural river purification business basic plan
    Nakdong river revival business (Lot No.38, 39, 40) detailed design
    River Ecosystem Restoration Business
    Water hydrologic cycle and eco restoration: comprehensive plan establishment
    River Improvement Detailed Design
    Hoeamcheon improvement project: detailed design
    Yucheon reservoir improvement construction: detailed design
    Nakdong river water system improvement project: Orye reservoir and additional 6 districts: River improvement
       construction: detailed design
    Yongmuncheon river improvement construction: detailed design
    Hakyeoncheon flood damage repair construction: detailed design
    Munhocheon water system improvement project: detailed design
    Seokyeoncheon water damage repair: detailed design
    Nullo reservoir improvement project: detailed design
    Dunpocheon maintenance project: detailed design
    Gimpo Masong district Masongcheon improvement project: detailed design
    Small river maintenance project (Jajakcheon): detailed design
    Small River Maintenance Comprehensive Plan
    Hwasung-si small river comprehensive improvement plan establishment
    Jukmalcheon comprehensive small river maintenance plan
    Pre-disaster Impact Assessment
    Changwon-Busan section road SOC: pre-disaster impact assessment
    Siheung Sincheon neighborhood park landscape project: pre-disaster impact assessment
    Local road No.338 expansion and paving construction: pre-disaster impact assessment
    Namhansanseong fortress beltway pre-disaster impact assessment
    Busan-Ssangchi road construction pre-disaster impact assessment
    Jangpyeong – Ganpyeong 2 road construction pre-disaster impact assessment
    Palyong tunnel SOC pre-disaster impact assessment
    Samjang-Sancheong national highway construction pre-disaster impact assessment
    Geojae-Masan 1 national highway construction pre-disaster impact assessment
    Suncheonman small light rail transit project pre-disaster impact assessment
    Multi-dimensional Hydraulic and Hydrological Quantity Assessment
    (soul Flola) Man-made island (soul Flola): hydraulic assessment (1, 2 dimensional)
    Guri-Pocheon section road private proposal business (South Guri IC Ramp bridge): hydraulic assessment (1, 2
    Pyeongtaek-Siheung section private proposal business (outer drain KEPCO main tower relocation): 2 dimensional
    Incheon-Gimpo expressway SOC (outer waterway, Gonchoncheon): hydraulic assessment
    Bongacheon relocation plan change implementation design services: hydraulic assessment
    Gamjin-Maryang road construction implementation design services: hydraulic assessment
    Andong-Youngdeok 2 road construction implementation design services: hydraulic assessment
    Yuhyeon reservoir facility functionality and safety evaluation
    Sangju-Youngdeok avalanche assessment section analysis