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Water Supply and Sewage


Hanmac Engineering strives to contribute in the advancement and water quality control of Korea water supply and sewage, and the enhanced quality of life of the community with the purpose of stable acquisition and supply clean water, which is the foundation of human life.

  • Business Areas
Basic and detailed design of water intake, purification plant, service reservoir, water pipeline and etc.
Replace corroded and old valves, remove auxiliary valves which are corroded with minimal use, and repair water pipes with damage or surface corrosion to acquire safety and durability of facility, and provide guidelines prepared through obstacle conditions, water quantity calculation, blueprints and design details for the pipeline maintenance constructions.
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Perform on-site surveys regarding sewage facilities to draft public sewer register and report, thoroughly review relevant documents, such as pre-established/existing plans and urban development plans to set forth a systematic and practical sewer maintenance plan, and establish an efficient maintenance system of sewage pipes and facilities to improve urban environment and sewage supply rate resulting in public water quality improvement, public hygiene enhancement and natural ecosystem preservation.
Sewage pipe maintenance basic and detailed design
Create obstruction surveys, water quantity calculations and construction blueprints required for sewage pipe improvement construction, and provide implementation guidelines. Also contract basic and detail designs for waterproof prevention measures.
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- Business with the purpose of reducing the risks of private and public property damage by expanding waterproof areas subsequent to urbanization, resolve internal water treatment issues subsequent to internal water level increase and plan drainage pump stations subsequent to increased flood damage scales, and preventing surface water and underground water quality degeneration subsequent to flooding of public facilities nearing rivers.
- Business to prevent disasters through drainage pipe expansion and construction in frequent flooding areas while promoting local economic development
- Business for early emergency recovery regarding water damage areas subsequent to localized downpour
Leakage assessment
- Water leakage assessment and waterworks inspection in supply areas to reduce water leakage and improve water flow rate, while promoting streamlined operation of water supply pipes and preventing safety accidents
  • Achievement
  • Water Supply and Sewage
    Suseo temporary rain water pump facility design
    Musan and Seonyu drainage pump improvement and construction design
    Wangjang district drainage pump basic and detailed design
    Town sewer and treatment facility improvement design
    Jo-ri, Osan-ri and 2 additional location water pipe expansion construction implementation design
    Yangmun industrial complex water pipeline expansion construction implementation design services
    Gahyeon intake station catchment conduit improvement construction implementation design services
    Countryside village sewer system (Punggok, Yonghwa, Wonpyeong) improvement construction implementation design services
    Jurok public sewage treatment facility construction and maintenance basic planning and project approval change contract
    Buseok district rural water development project detailed design
    Naju-si water supply area subdivision
    Old pipe improvement project implementation design
    Seonyu, Imjin-ri regional water supply expansion construction detailed design
    Jupojae agriculture and industrial complex sewage treatment plant basic design establishment contract
    Galsan-dong Galsan 1-ro wastewater piping improvement construction and 2 additional detailed design services
    Gwanakro area sewage pipe improvement construction detailed design services
    Rural village sewer system (Miro, Gosa) improvement and integration processing construction detailed design services
    Leakage assessment
    Gapyeong-gun water system leakage inspection and pipeline blueprint drafting
    District metering business (Ildong-myeon, Gwanin-myeon, Youngbuk-myeon)
    Yangjaecheon BOX sewer CCTV inspection
    Guryongpo-eup, Songdo-dong area meter and blocking project
    Downtown district leakage assessment service(Iksan-si)
    Water pipe leakage assessment service(Anyang-si)
    Unknown water survey and improvement measure establishment service for public sewer system improvement
    Changwon-si water supply area (Uichang-dong) piping network maintenance and leakage assessment
    Eumseong-gun water supply leakage assessment and piping network drafting
    Leakage assessment, piping network maintenance and pipe improvement business
    Water supply leakage assessment service(Chilgok-gun)
    Gapyeong-eup water flow improvement project contract
    Sangha-myeon flow improvement project contract