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Technical Research Institute

Technology Innovate Makes Better than Today 핵심기술개발로 더 나은 미래를 만들어갑니다.

  • Objective of the Technical Research Institute

기술연구소 목표
  • Hanmac achivement
  • GSIM(Geo & Structure Information Modeling)

    Civil Engineering BIM Program based on 3 dimensional topography and terrain created via digital maps and spatial imagery information cf) BIM : Building Information Modeling
         BrIM : Bridge Information Modeling

  • Nodular Girder

    Future oriented bridge construction method abandoning the idea of constructing a bridge on-site, the Nodular Girder is manufactured in high quality from a specialized factory and is synthesized on-site to improve long-span applicability and quality, while shortening the construction period.

  • Pre Girder [New Construction Technology No.752]

    Pre-tension PSC girder which is manufactured on-site via movable reaction bed. Elevates the girder depth at the end to control the eccentricity of the steel cable so to resolve the structural defect (staging tensile stress), and is comprised with multiple side sections to provide beautiful landscape and appearance.

  • DR Girder [New Construction Technology No.582]

    DR girder is an economical bridge where the tension is introduced by construction phase from the pre-synthesis state maximizes the efficiency of the structure to produce a lower girder depth with longer swing span. The half section baseplate and the floor beam is precasted from the factory to simplify on-site processes resulting in convenient construction with maximum safety.

  • Hybrid Composite Pile(HCP) [New Construction Technology No.556]

    The upper section of the pile is comprised of a steel pipe pile which has excellent horizontal force and moment resistance, while the lower section of the pile is comprised of a concrete pile which can support the axial load to provide safety and economic feasibility.